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The 1911 pistol is one of the most copied handguns in history. Manufacturers worldwide have produced guns for military and civilian use that leave the factory “ready to fight.” In addition, the 1911 design has, and continues to be, the preferred platform for both manufacturers and custom gunsmiths in their attempts to elevate a pistol into a work of art.

Most of these guns, though considered by some as too beautiful to shoot, can still give good performance in a fight. While I’m an avid fan of beautified 1911s, the latest one to catch my eye was a brand-new, plain-Jane copy of the old M1911A1 made by the Turkish company TISAS. It was sitting in an Arizona gun store.

It’s been a long time since I handled an A1 model, but the gun looked right. I quickly noticed details such as an arched mainspring housing with an integral lanyard ring, a spurred hammer, a narrow-tanged/mil-spec grip safety, a small thumb safety, a short trigger, a barrel bushing with recoil spring plug, polymer grip panels and vestigial fixed sights. All metal parts had the same dull matte-black finish, including the single magazine furnished with the gun. On the left side of the slide it read “MODEL 1911A1 U.S. ARMY.” On the frame just below that were the words “ZIG M1911 TISAS-Turkey.

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After handling the pistol for a while, I identified a couple of areas of concern and a couple that gained my instant approval. Like original A1s, the small sights were difficult to see in dim light or against a dark background, but were quite usable in normal ambient light or highlighted against a light-colored target. I can’t prove it absent an original gun for comparison, but it seemed the TISAS A1 had a slightly larger front-sight blade and rear notch. However, at my age, it is almost mandatory that I wear prescription glasses, particularly in low-light conditions.

My memory was telling me that in the past, old-style skinny grip safeties had resulted in some minor bloodshed (mine) caused by slide bite. Modern 1911s I’ve handled all seem to feature a longer trigger. Unfortunately, I have a rather short index finger on my shooting hand. I appreciated the short TISAS trigger even before hitting the range as it allowed me to place my finger properly.


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