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Remington 1875




Remington 1875

The Remington Model 1875 Single Action Army  was based upon the successful Remington Model 1858 with both revolvers having the same size.

The new 1875 Remington differed mainly from the older 1858 percussion model by having a bored through cylinder chambered for metallic cartridges.  Ordinary citizens and Old West lawmen alike recognized the sturdy quality of the new Remington revolvers. This design was followed by the Model 1888 and the Model 1890.[2]

Introduced to compete with Colt’s single-action Army revolvers, this Remington design failed to meet with the commercial success made by Colt’s model due to the Hartford firm’s two-year head start in production and sales.Also known as the “Improved Army”, this single-action was a competitor to Colt’s popular Single Action Army line. By the time of its introduction, however, Colt had already secured contracts with the U.S.

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These were not optional;  Standard features included a fluted cylinder, walnut grip panels, blued or nickel-plated finish with case-hardened hammer.  Standard barrel length was 7+12 inches (190 mm), although very few revolvers were produced with 5+34-inch (150 mm) barrels.[2]

The Pistol is a realistic Remington 1875 replica. The Air Pistol features a functional hammer, loading gate, and extractor creating similar functionality to the actual 1875 firearm. This air pistol accepts dual ammo, bb and pellet, and includes 6 cartridges for both types of ammunition. This air gun replica is beautiful with a nickel finish and faux ivory grip, simulating the actual 1875. If you’re looking for a fun and functional 1875 air pistol, this Remington is a great choice! Features: – Realistic Remington 1875 replica – Single Action – Nickel Finish – Faux Ivory Grip – Function Hammer. – 6 BB – 6 Pellet Cartridges. Specifications: – Caliber: BB / .177 – Powerplant: CO2 – Steel BB Velocity: Up to 450 fps – Length: 13.125″ – Product Weight: 2.3 lbs. – Barrel Material: Steel – Barrel Type: Smooth Bore – Front Sight: Fixed Blade – Rear Sight: Fixed Notch – Material: Metal/Synthetic – Magazine: 6 Cartridges – Trigger: Single Stage – Safety: Slide

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