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Kahr K9

For 25 years, Kahr Firearms has produced the iconic Kahr K9, the compact 9mm pistol that started the revolution of single-stack 9mm handguns to follow. The K9 remains unrivaled as the pinnacle of precision engineered, all steel, single-stacked, 9mm, compact auto-loaders. Many others have imitated the design and concept, but none have matched the K9’s reputation for quality, reliability, and accuracy.

In honor of this milestone in firearms history, Kahr is proud to introduce the “25th Anniversary” limited edition K9. Each 25th Anniversary gun starts out as a proven K9 pistol, chambered in 9mm.  The finish is highly durable Sniper Grey Cerakote®. Hogue® aluminum grips are custom engraved with aggressive stippling and the new Kahr logo. TruGlo® tritium sights add a functional touch, angled to allow one-handed slide retraction. Each pistol ships in a plastic case, with three magazines, and a matching custom 1791 leather holster.

More about Kahr K9

The Kahr K9 9mm is among the leaders of the new breed of mini-9s that have taken both the law enforcement and civilian concealed carry market by storm. This semi-automatic 9mm pistol has an OAL of 6 inches, a height of 4.5″ and a slide width of .9 inches, specifications that make the K9 highly concealable. The K9 is also a reasonably lightweight gun, weighing 25 ounces, with a respectable maximum capacity of 7+1.

While sitting down to pen this review of the Kahr K9 pistol the previous statement seemed to be the most natural analogy I could use. There are dozens of compact pistols available for the American shooter. Some are economy models that use economical parts and components.In the end it’s up to you to decide what you can afford and for what you are willing to pay

Though their polymer framed pistols have been very popular for their price point.  Recently I had the good fortune to work with the model K9.  This particular semi-automatic pistol arrived with a matte stainless steel finish.


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