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iwi galil ace. Firstly, it uses long-stroke gas operated action with gas piston located above the barrel.The detachable stamped steel receiver cover houses an integral Picatinny rail and rear sight base.

Feed is from detachable box magazines; the NATO caliber versions (in 5.56 and 7.62 mm) use standard Galil magazines with 35- and 25-round capcaity, respectively. The 7.62×39 versions use standard AK magazines with 30-round capacity. Standard sighting equipment includes protected front post (adjustable for zeroing) and protected flip-up type rear diopter sight. A wide array of modern optical sights can be installed on the integral Picatinny rail.

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Ronen Hamodot, Corporate VP Marketing & Sales at SK Group, said, Also, the company continues to develop and upgrade products tailored to the various markets with an emphasis on meeting the customer’s need. Furthermore, the company will continue to develop and upgrade the rest of the products in the future. Also, the Firearm Blog website reports that IWI US, a subsidiary of small arms manufacturer Israel Weapon Industries. The latest configuration incorporates improvements based on user feedback. Finally, it brings to the table a few new features that most users will definitely appreciate, according to the website.

The second generation of the Galil ACE ditches the round, short handguard with plastic covers and adopts a more aggressive. This also leaves the barrel free-floated, potentially improving accuracy. The other updates affect the trigger profile and the safety lever. The latter has a different shape from GEN I and allows for a shorter throw.

When talking about modern sporting rifles the two categories most likely to be talked about are the Armalites and the AKs.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of both.  The real concern that I have with AKs is that in a lot of instances you just don’t know what you’re getting between various import kits and final build quality.  There are some very reputable AK manufacturers out there but between availability and provenness there’s still a lot of unknowns.


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