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Colt Python | colt python for sale

The reliability of the Colt Python is one of this revolver’s key upgrades in 2020.

I’m not saying that the pinnacle revolver of more than fifty years of production was unreliable.  Also, they were beautiful, powerful, and hand-assembled. Crafted by artists instead of laborers on an assembly line.

Literally. That individual magic is part of why the line was unable to be sustainable. Frankly, it took a virtuoso to be able to create a weapon as fine as the Python. As the craftsmen retired, so too did the line.

This little history lesson is important to understanding why Colt’s reboot has such a significant impact on the reliability of the 2020 Python. Thanks to improvements in machining and engineering with today’s technology, they can finally move the Python into production with machined parts made from stainless steel alloys. No more idiosyncrasies caused by individuals in assembly. No more quirks to discover when I stepped out onto that range.

More about Colt Python

Colt made big improvements with the trigger, and the difference is something that can be felt with the new and improved 2020. Smooth pulls from chamber to chamber are noticeable thanks to production tolerances that just weren’t attainable in 1955.‘55’s smaller tool marked parts have been replaced with 2020’s larger well-machined components. A meaty V-shaped mainspring is now accompanied by a new inclusion to the 2020 wheelgun, the cylinder-stop mechanism. Reminiscent of Smith and Wesson designs, the cylinder stop is above and just forward of the trigger.

The double-action of the Python has a remarkable smoothness to the rearward stroke. No hiccups in pressures, and an excellent pull at approximately 8 lbs in testing. Single-action pull is perfection. With the hammer cocked, the SA pull is just under 3 lbs. The clean break rounds off a resounding triumph throughout my testing.

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