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Browning Gold


The Browning Gold Semi Auto ShotGuns is designed specifically to handle the larger, powerful ShotGuns loads. The Browning Gold Semi Auto ShotGuns is made for an ultra-elite group of waterfowlers (and some turkey hunters) who are looking for the maximum in down-range knockdown performance.


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Browning Gold

Browning Gold semi auto shotgun, 3 inch chamber, 28 inch barrel with Invector Plus screw in chokes (4 included). The condition is like new and includes box and manual.

On the surface this is a plain gun with black metalwork and only its name engraved into it, while the pistol grip and fore-end have functionally cut checkering.  available. The vent-ribbed steel barrels have chromed chambers and should come proofed for use with steel shot.


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Additionally, because the gas piston and valve operate independently of each other, there is less pressure on the piston itself and as a result there is less 
wear and more efficient operation. There 
are no valves or friction rings to adjust, 
nor any O-rings that need replacing. It’s
 a good and proven system.

I found a used Browning Gold at a good price. After I pointed out a dent in the vent rib and whined, I got an even better price on it. It’s a 12 gauge with a 26-inch barrel. It shoots where I look. Once I add a sling to the Gold I will have my

 I like the versatility of the gun, but you can imagine my frustration. Do you have any other suggestions short of sending the gun to Browning? What do you know about the reliability of the new Gold 3 1/2 Hunter? Would you keep the gun, or would you get rid of it? If you got rid of it, would you get, the Browning Gold Hunter (3″), or would you get the Beretta? Any suggestion is appreciated.

I’ve taken it apart and cleaned it many times, thinking this would help. After every cleaning, I lubricate all of the parts very well, but on the very next hunt the gun will fail to eject the shells at one time or another. The local Browning factory authorized gunsmith gave me a new plug that he said Browning said would fix the problem (it’s about 1/4 inch longer than the original), but that didn’t help either.
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