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Preferred Online Gun Shop.

We are an online gun shop with reputable hand picked weapons and at the best Prices you can find them at that would make you happy.

We’re making available to you amazing handguns such as the Glock, Sig Sauer and the Ruger. We also have Rifles. These mentioned guns are what are ever available, so do not hesitate making a request for a weapon of your choice. We are a Gun shop so we can and will always get to manufacturers to get your preferred weapon.

Our aims and aspirations are to be one of the best gun shops you can find. These makes your desire in good and smooth transactions our priority. Firearm Store House would go the extra mile most shops wouldn’t to make a satisfied client. We trust and believe in progressive growth through the corperation of our clients.

Guns are powerful and very helpful tools and thanks to our government we have the right to own them. We use them for competitive shootings, hunting, sports self defense and more. Being enthusiast to these weapons giving you the best is the best is simply exercising our capabilities.

We do know the importance and relevance of delivery time, quality of our products so we don’tmake compromises in these domains. This is why we wouldn’t give you anything less than the best.   

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Mr. Glock’s innovative design successfully passed a series of stringent tests against domestic and international competitors. In 1983, the GLOCK pistol was accepted by the Austrian Army as their new service pistol.

Shortly after in 1984, the GLOCK 17 soundly passed the NATO durability test. As a result, the pistol was selected by the Norwegian Army as their standard sidearm, putting GLOCK on the road to becoming the preferred international law enforcement sidearm.

In November 1986, the company opened its U.S. headquarters, GLOCK, Inc., in Smyrna, Georgia.

The GLOCK pistol would soon be available in multiple sizes and accept different caliber ammunition. This combination, partnered with the simplicity and reliability of Mr. Glock’s design, revolutionized the pistol market.

Over 65% of federal, state and local agencies in the United States have been issued GLOCK pistols.


SIG Sauer is the super partnership between German company Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG) and Swiss company J.P. Sauer & Sohn. Formed in 1976, the American arm of the company was known as SIGARMS. which was moved to New Hampshire from Virginia in 1990. In 2000, the American division was separated organizationally from the parent company, SIG Sauer GmbH and renamed in 2007 to SIG Sauer, Inc.

SIG Sauer has a much longer history than Glock, with its roots going back to 1853. In addition to pistols, the company makes or has made AR-15s, shotguns, hunting rifles, suppressors, ammunition, optics, and air guns.

SIG Sauer weapons are used by militaries all over the world, in particular the P226. This handgun is used by the New York City and Houston police departments, the U.S. Secret service, the Texas Rangers, US Air Marshals, the US Navy SEALs) the Royal Thai Army, the Finish Army, and the Emergency Response Team of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, among others.


Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) congratulates Team Ruger Captain Doug Koenig on winning the Production Division and high overall at the Volusia County PRS Regional match held in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

This match tested each competitor’s skills and focus engaging targets laid out at distances up to 900 yards in 10 challenging stages. Koenig won with a final score of 81.00 competing with his stock Custom Shop Ruger Precision® Rifle chambered in 6mm Creedmoor.

“My Ruger Custom Shop Precision Rifle continues to perform flawlessly in all conditions giving me the ability to focus on the course of fire and win,” commented Koenig.

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